NiceGoblins_Collective aims to create a platform for artist collaborations from all around the world, starting from New Zealand.

How we started

NiceGoblins_Collective was founded in 2018 and started out as an Instagram page. In the beginning, the page was mainly for Wei to post photos of their tattoos, acting as an online portfolio to record their journey into the tattooing world. However, the goal for NiceGoblins has always been to become a platform for artists from around the world to come together and collaborate on projects together.

At the time of 2018, Wei felt as though there were a lot of rifts between the arts, music and creatives communities within Auckland; coupled with the continual development of K-Road, they felt as though a lot of the arts communities they cherished were being pushed away from what seemed like such a centralised place to share and belong, inside such a vibrant community.

The term 'NiceGoblins' was made as a way to dissolve social barriers and stereotypes around people who feel marginalised or disenfranchised in any way. Goblins are usually perceived as unclean, uncivil, unintelligent, and a bunch of trouble makers. The term goblins is meant to apply to anyone who have felt such a way due to a plethora of reasons such as class, mental health, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical states, the list goes on. Hence, Nice, Goblins; a direct way to combat these stereotypes as well as creating a space of non-judgmental belonging for anyone who wishes to be involved.

In February 2020, NiceGoblins had their first ever group exhibition at a student run gallery named 'Satchi, Satchi & Satchi", celebrating their one year anniversary as a collective. In July 2020, NiceGoblins_Collective opened their first ever tattoo studio on 220A Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland. The tattoo studio is still standing today, often hosting collective art exhibitions taken from art submissions by local artists. They also run music events, such as improvised Jazz nights, hosted by JY Lee from the old '151 Improv Jams', and music gigs featuring local DJs, bands and other musicians.

Come check out the space, and get a tattoo from us to support our work!

Keep up with what we post on our Instagram page @nicegoblins_collective and Facebook page for future events such as art shows, gigs, movie nights, and more! We hope to see you there ❤

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